Buying an Existing Site versus Developing a New Site from Scratch

If you are looking to earn online income, then one of the fastest ways to do so is to purchase an existing web site. This can be useful to jump start your earnings, however there are also benefits to starting from scratch.

Buying a Pre-Owned Live Web Site

With buying your own site that is already live, you cut down on some of the steps necessary to build your online portfolio of income producing assets. This can be very attractive to new people wanting to earn online income, but there are also some pitfalls.

Many of the sites at auction at the business web site broker, Flippa, have been online for a short time, offer little or no income of record, and are long on nice sounding ideas for the future, but short on substance. Such auctions talk the talk by saying: “a site with the potential to make $500 a month within a few months with little effort”. This is often attractive to the kinds of people who are basically lazy, do not want to do the work necessary to succeed and want the easy road to success. The key thing here is, if the site was that close to earning mid three figures per month, why would the owner ever sell it? The answer is obvious…

It is therefore necessary in almost all cases to filter the sites out to only look for established sites with a minimum of $200 of monthly income. Anything less than this and you could easily see a $75 monthly income disappear when the one affiliate product that was bringing in the bulk of the bounty suddenly stops selling so well when the product owner stops marketing. Once filtered, this cuts the number of sites down to a manageable number that you can review individually to determine how attractive they are now and whether they have the legs to sustain the income well into the future.

Making Your Own Site

With making your own site, you control the structure of the site, the link building process, and everything in between. Depending on how much of a control freak you are and whether you are really going to trust putting down several thousand dollars to buy a website someone else made that could be hiding a lot of problems under the hood, you may or may not prefer to do it yourself.

With rolling your own, you know what goes into the site and everything about it. If you make it yourself, you will understand it back to front, inside and out. If you outsource the set-up, then you will at least have some idea. This reduces the number of unknowables.

The downside of a new site is that you will have to craft its success story yourself, develop traffic sources, build a brand, market and make it into a money earner over time. This may be more satisfying, but it will certainly take longer to do than if you simply bought a site that was already making your one year target income. If you are looking to find the best online income opportunities then this just might be one of them.

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Avoiding Flippa Scams: Protecting Yourself When Expanding Your Site Portfolio

Flippa is by far the largest web site marketplace and also does a bustling trade in reselling domain names to the highest bidder. With this kind of success comes the inevitable problems with people that wish to get something for nothing or just to plain rip you off in some way. Here we try to give you some guidance to avoid the worst of the problems.

Domain Name Choices

With site sales and domain name sales, there are three main types of domains names:

  1. Aged domains
  2. Exact match domains
  3. Short domains

With aged domains, these are usually at least 1-2 years old, but preferably considerably older. Aged domains are useful because they can accept more inbound link building faster than a new domain where many links being added would look suspicious to the search engines.

Exact match domains are domains where the name exactly matches a popular search term. These used to be pretty valuable, but a recent update from Google has devalued the effect these domains have on the search position and sometimes negatively impact an otherwise good site. Some people now believe exact match domains should be avoided, whereas other people believe they still carry some value.

Short domains are not easy to purchase these days, so if they are memorable and short to type, they have a value.

Things To Watch For With Web Site Auctions

  1. Check if the domain has been banned by Google

  1. Look for indications that the site has not been sandboxed or hit by a negative Google algorithm update.
  • Check traffic levels over the past few months for dips.
  • Check ranking positions for top keywords.
  1. Avoid cloned sites and auto blogs.
  • Cloned sites will have copied content, as noted in the Flippa auction profile.
  • Auto blogs, particularly Amazon ones, are popular presently. The problem with them is that they offer nothing original and will likely eventually be negatively impacted by a Google update.
  1. Faked traffic numbers
  • Ensure the auction has verified Google Analytics traffic going back months.
  • Examine the reports to determine the source of the traffic. It is easy to purchase cheap traffic that is generated by auto bots on a computer network, with no real human behind the traffic. Verify that the traffic comes from organic search traffic from Google, traffic from social media sites, and so on. If it all comes from one source or an unlikely source that you cannot verify, be very suspicious.

Overcoming Writers’ Block When Writing Your Site Content Yourself

When earning money online, especially in the first few months, many site owners will be writing their own content. Later, they will likely supplement their writing with the writing of others, so that they can turn their attention to other aspects of their business. But at the start, unless they have a good amount of start up capital, they will need to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, and write that content themselves.

For people that are writing content and are not used to needing to write every day, they can experience a sense of stage fright, tense up and hit writers’ block. This can exhibit itself in many different ways, but one of the main ways is being stuck for ideas as to what to write (even just for a headline to get things started) and will stare at a blank page not knowing what to say.

For those people on a strict budget who are unable to outsource the writing task in order to escape their writers’ block, here are some ways to shake it loose, so that you can continue to build your online empire.

Solid Tips to Shake Out Of Writers’ Block

1. Step Away from the Keyboard

It helps to take some time away from the computer and put your mind on other things. If you have a nice piece of music you can listen to while relaxing and closing your eyes, this can help. Or perhaps to go for a walk and return later.

2. Write a Guest Post for Someone Else

Sometimes it can feel like too much pressure to write some excellent, heart stopping content for your own site. Instead, why not have a little mental fun by coming up with something interesting to write about for someone else’s site? This can be a refreshing change of pace and if it works out nicely, you might be able to offer it to a popular site and get a useful link from it too.

3. Write Blog Comments on a Competitor Sites

Reading other blogs in your niche and commenting on some of the latest posts can peek your interest in your chosen topic and get the blood flowing again. This also has the bonus of being a good marketing tool, even if the links back to your site are no-follow and would not count for search engine ranking purposes.

  1. Answer Your Own Blog Comments

Seeing genuine comments come in from readers and answering back to them can remind you that you do have visitors who enjoy your content and your ideas. This can help unblock you because it removes the anxiety that you are not good enough as a writer.

Don’t be scared of writers’ block. It passes. Just try to steps outlined above and start writing again soon after.


Is Becoming an Amazon Affiliate A Good Idea?

When it comes to online income, many people just think about Google Adsense and do not think beyond advertising. Whilst advertising can be a great income earner, it can also be quite volatile. Private ads can be good earners if you can develop the contacts for it too, but a site that only have advertising looks much like newspapers of old and look where they are now – many have closed their doors and more are following.

With, and the other international branches of Amazon, you have one of the most popular and busiest sites on the net. Launched early on by Jeff Bezos when the Internet was fast growing but few had even heard of it, Amazon has grown from being the “World’s Bookstore” to offering a broad range of products in many categories from home furnishings to luxury watches, and everything in between. If it can be shipped, it can be stocked, seems to be the unspoken slogan there.

With, you have two main types of commission structure. A fixed fee structure and a variable one. Let us dispense with the questions and here and strongly suggest that you sign up for the variable commission free structure.

The variable commission fee structure begins at 4%, but quickly rises to 6% of most types of sale items, with only a few products shipped each month. When you go over the sales number to trip into the new tier up in the fee structure, all of your sales for the month are paid out at the same rate; not some at the 4% rate and some at the 6% rate.

There are exceptions to the commission rate for certain items. Things like software, digital music downloads, downloadable apps and games, and electronics like hi-fis and DVD players etc., command a completely different fixed commission structure depending on what the item is that is sold. The reasons for this include that some items are very heavy and expensive to ship out so the commission rate is lower, and other items are digital downloads and so they are inexpensive to ship with almost no expenses to keep the digital item in stock on a Amazon warehouse shelf somewhere.

While it is easy to get started promoting Amazon, some people feel that the starting commission rate is low at only 4%. This compares to sites like Clickbank that list digital products where affiliate commissions can be as high as 75%. However, what you have to bear in mind is that shoppers often buy multiple products at one time from Amazon (not only the product they clicked through to Amazon from your site) and you receive commission on all of the goods sold. The click through and conversion rates are also higher with Amazon because the brand is so well known and trusted.

Can you earn good money online with Clickbank?

When looking at finding products to promote, some people prefer physical goods and look at becoming an affiliate for popular sites like and Wal* The downside with Amazon though is that the commission rates for most products start as low as just 4% and this turns people off. With Clickbank however, the rates are much much higher.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a marketplace for digital goods. Products can be selected by promoters, listed on their own sites and if someone is interested in the product, they will click through to a product link at Clickbank. If the person makes the purchase, then Clickbank refers the buyer to a merchant service like or PayPal, and then takes care of the back-end process. The back-end process includes making the download accessible, tracking the referring affiliate, ensuring the affiliate receives the correct commission and the merchant receives the sale revenue. Clickbank takes a fee for handling the transaction.

Clickbank Vendors

The site lists the digital goods that are available from thousands of vendors who have paid the $50 fee to become a Clickbank vendor. Once signed up, the vendor can list as many products as they like.

When listing products as a vendor, the vendor is free to decide what level of commission they want to offer to affiliates who want to promote their product on their own site.

Affiliate Commission Rates

With Clickbank, you are not stuck on the first tier, like with, where you will only receive 4% commission if you do not sell many products that month. Instead, the commission rate for a product is decided on a per product basis by the merchant who has listed the product for sale.

In order to attract a good number of affiliate marketers, for products that cost between $20 to $50, commission rates will often run between 25 to 75 percent. Therefore, actual dollar commissions can be between $5 to $15 and $12.50 to $37.50 for the above products. This can be very attractive compared to selling a book on Amazon for $6, where the commission is a generous 24c!

Click-through Rates

Click through rates are typically a lot lower than with This is because Clickbank is not as highly respected or as well known as Amazon. Also, the products sold are usually not branded with a name you will recognize like HP, Toshiba or Lenovo (as with laptops) but instead are often eBooks claiming to provide solutions to one problem or another. It is difficult for consumers to know for sure whether the informational product will really be a help for them, so they take a lot of selling in order to get the sale.

Where to List Your First eBook?

When writing an eBook, you have a number of opportunities and ways to market your book.

Firstly, you can simply write the book (or have it ghost written on your behalf) and then list it on your own website. You can include a BUY NOW PayPal button, and have visitors go over to PayPal to pay the purchase price. You can then wait for the email confirming the sale from PayPal, and then email over the eBook to the buyer. This is okay, and works on a small scale, but many purchasers are now used to and are attracted to the idea of instant gratification by being able to buy, download and start reading the book in minutes. This process does not speak to that need.

Moving past doing things the manual way – which is really quite old fashioned these days – you can list the eBook on some kind of digital download service. These do not usually provide their own merchant services and instead require you to linked up through PayPal, Google Checkout or your own merchant provider in order to receive the payment from the customer. When doing it this way, you have a number of options.


The next step up and the first level for listing an eBook electronically is E-Junkie. E-Junkie is a software delivery platform that allows a person to list products for digital download. It links up with a merchant in such a way that it confirms the payment has been made and only then will provide a expiring direct link to the downloadable purchase made by the customer. In this way, the download is available within a few minutes of the payment being processed by the merchant, i.e. PayPal, Google Checkout, 1shoppingcart, etc.

E-Junkie does not have a sign up fee, but it does charge a minimum of $5 per month, which rises depending on various level of service or products you have listed. The main restriction with E-Junkie is that you cannot setup affiliate commissions to automatically pay out affiliates that forward customers to your E-Junkie product page.


Clickbank is a digital marketplace that is on a whole different level to E-Junkie. With Clickbank, the system is designed around vendors, products, high commission rates for downloadable products, and affiliates who can receive those commissions in an organized, structured way with accurate reporting in real time.

Clickbank does charge $50 to sign up as a vendor in order to list your own products, but signing up as an affiliate in order to promote other Clickbank members’ products is free.

The commission rates are far superior to those at places like, with many rates running from 25% to a high as 75% for certain products.

Four Places to Find Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance writing gigs are not the easiest things to find. There are many writers from all around the world who think they can write and want to offer their services. Below are four good places to look for freelance writing gigs.

Digital Point

Digital Point Forums at is a popular message board site that has been around for years. It has close to a hundred message boards that cover every facet of online commerce, programming and general discussion areas 

In addition, it has a Services area which contains a Content Creation message board. Here writing teams, individual writers and people seeking a certain kind of writer can be found posting day and night. The board can often be overrun with impossibly cheap offers from low quality writers offering spun content, some claiming to be a native speaker but with too low a price for such an offer to be genuine.

Among the many new threads, there are a few to be found that offer genuinely good writers. This represents an opportunity for someone new to build a good reputation over time with the iTrader reputation system and develop a small but successful writing business online.

Elance is a well known location for freelancers of all kinds. The system with Elance is that you sign up and you get a certain number of bids. You can open a free account where you can only sign up to offer one kind of service (perhaps business writing services) but if you wish to offer a wider range of services then you will need to sign up to their monthly membership program.

The bidding system revolves around having a certain number of bids per month, so you need to be careful what projects you bid on and what price you offer. You are also hampered at the start because you are new and have no reviews or reputation. You take take some online tests to confirm your knowledge and you will need to offer lower than optimal pricing in order to get some small initial jobs and then raise your prices later. is another freelance site. It tends to cater to lower priced deals and you have to be careful about the quality of available services.

Odesk does have one major advantage with a system where you can see snapshots of your hired workers’ desktop at timed intervals to ensure they are actually putting in the hours they say they are, when they are charging you by the hour. is another site that offers a small market for writers. However, it is worth noting that it is more focused towards programming and coders, and less towards writing, but there are nonetheless some buyers looking for good writers on Guru.

How Much Can I Earn as a Beginner Freelance Writer?

As a beginner freelance writer you will face a few initial obstacles.

You will usually lack any type of written samples of your work. Whilst some prospective clients will accept offline examples in a Word document, others will insist on seeing published work on blogs or other online site.

Your first task if you lack suitable written samples is to write some examples on your own. These can be anything from technology reviews of popular items like the latest laptops or Apple hardware, to travel articles about the trips you have taken recently. The articles will need to be 300-500 words in length and usually written in American English.

Rates When You Are Starting Out

If you are starting out as a native speaking freelance writer – meaning someone that usually originates from the US, the UK, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand – then you are leg up on your competition. In which case, rates when you start out might be as low as 0.5c per word to get you started and quickly rise to 0.7c per word.

Rates As You Become More in Demand

Once you have 10+ writing samples, preferably published examples on blogs and other web sites, as well as some positive ratings within the freelance writing job site you are using to find freelance gigs, you should then be ready to raise your rates. From this point, you may be able to raise your rates up to 1c per word, with some discounts requested for bulk work.

Bulk work is often a misnomer. The client’s idea is that a bulk order should be substantially cheaper than a smaller order. However, for any type of freelancer, you are safer with multiple clients rather than one large one. Larger orders are not necessarily faster to write than a series of smaller orders. In fact, when having to write about the same subjects over and over, the smaller orders can be more varied and faster to complete than the some of the monotonous bulk orders. Therefore, bulk orders are not always the blessing that the buyer would like you to believe, when they request them, along with overly favorable pricing terms.

2c or More Per Word

Some writers are able to find buyers that will pay 2-5c or more per word for writing tasks. This is possible, but this are usually for specialist areas such as investing, finance, academic or medical niches, and such orders are often infrequent, and of small size.

Solavei is a new Income Opportunity

Solavei is a new social commerce opportunity for people who want to grow their income quickly.

What is Solavei?

Solavei is a new network provider of 4G data, voice and text communications across the United States. The network provides unlimited talk, text and data communications with no contract or credit check required. The Solavei system has the backing of T-Mobile’s extensive network behind it, making it one of the broadest 4G networks available today. The monthly cost is a fixed $49.99.

How can you earn money with Solavei?

With Solavei, you are rewarded when you network with old and new friends alike, and bring them into the network. For every three subscribers to Solavei, who come under your wing, you earn $20. If this trio of new customers are happy with the excellent network performance and competitive pricing, and stay as subscribers, each month you will then earn another $20. As you can imagine, this has the potential to grow quickly into a large residual income for you. There are bonuses too. With Solavei, there are sevaral layers of bonuses for when achieving a higher level of performance over time.

Join with a Premier Member of the Solavei Network

Ryan Hageman from is a premier member of the Solavei Network, recruiting new members and helping them to be successful.

In order to help new members, he is offering an exclusive package of free offers, discounts and assistance.

Firstly, the first months’ rental fee of $49.99 is covered by him personally. This enables new members to try out the service and provides time to develop their own network of contacts.

Secondly, for the first 90 people who enroll through him, he is offering to pay for the unlock PIN code to enable each persons’ cell phone to be unlocked so that their phone is capable of joining the network. Many times consumers buy their phones direct from the network who arranges for the phone to be locked to their network only; this pin code removes this restriction.

Thirdly, Ryan commissioned a special eBook which contains 50 pages of incredibly useful information to help each new member set up their own web site, social media profiles, and to begin marketing themselves effectively.

Lastly, there are both live chat and phone support available to assist new members with any teething problems that they may experience.